ARYZTA history

Hiestand history or the evolution of the butter croissant

Hiestand company history began over 40 years ago in a modestly decorated bakery. Second hand devices bought as a bargain and an initial capital of 5,000 Swiss francs marked the beginning of one of the most innovative Swiss companies and a leader in the industry of frozen bakery products.

It's a story of a company, which, thanks to a good idea, passion for experimentation and the ability to predict future trends, has achieved unique commercial success. In 1967, Alfred Hiestand installed his first bakery, equipped with simple tools in a former laundry room. Who would have thought that over the years, this small bakery would become a great international supplier of frozen bakery products. By producing their buttery croissants, which gained fame overnight and eventually became a legend, the founder of the company started building the brand in restaurants and cafes in the Zurich area. To be able to also supply bakeries, he demonstrated unique resourcefulness by developing in 1975 an idea for frozen and pre-formed dough for butter croissants. But the breakthrough in the process of fermentation of the dough only came in 1987. The croissant was subjected to fermentation before freezing, which greatly facilitated baking process that followed. Since then the principle of fermentation has become the secret of success. Over the years, the visionary concept of ready-to-bake items was applied to the whole range of products, thereby causing a revolution in baking industry.

The first production plant in Poland was built in 1989 in the Gocław district of Warsaw. In 2000 the most modern bakery in Eastern Europe began operating in Grodzisk. The capitol stock of the company amounts to 60 636 500 PLN. In 2008, Hiestand merged with its major and longtime shareholder IAWS. The merger of Hiestand and IAWS resulted in the establishment of ARYZTA, a global leader specializing in the production of frozen bakery products.

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