Philosophy of production and raw ingredients

For over 40 years ARYZTA has been working in accordance with the principles of traditional baking craft. One of the most important ones is that pre-formed dough pieces have enough time to fully grow. This natural rest time is the only way to get a unique taste. Next, baking goods are formed, pre-browned (depending on the intended degree of doneness) and carefully frozen. On the example of breads: Nobleman’s bread and Swiss bread are twisted by hand, each of them obtaining a unique shape.

In order to ensure consistent high quality, we combine traditional craft methods with modern production techniques. Through targeted technology we provide maximum freshness of our products. All production systems are continuously analyzed and optimized for performance. For this purpose, we use clear procedures and transparent technologies. Systematic quality control, which has been confirmed by the official IFS and BRC certifications, is an absolute guarantee of food safety for our customers.
The combination of traditional baking craft and innovative technology guarantees safety, efficiency, and above all, an excellent taste of our baking goods "straight from the oven."

To provide you with exceptional quality ARYZTA baking products, all components are selected with the utmost care. The use of selected raw ingredients can satisfy the need for consumer consumption of natural products. Flour is produced from carefully selected grains, according to the latest discoveries in the field of ecology, and processed with technology that ensures environmental protection. For baking products manufactured in Poland we only use real butter. Thanks to our high quality standards, our products are tasty and healthy. When choosing margarine and oil, we take into account the current research in the field of food technology.

Freezing, which is the most valued way of preservation of goods, allows us to largely dispense with additives and enhancers. Faithful to the motto « As much as necessary, but as little as possible", we use supplements only when there is no alternative, making sure, however, that our products are healthy and have retained their natural character.

The ARYZTA brand stands for the highest quality and unique natural products.

Leadership in baked goods, solid craftsmanship and best components guarantee lasting customer satisfaction.

The raw ingredients used for production, as much as it is possible, come directly from manufacturers. All our suppliers ensure compliance with agreed quality standards, and a specially trained team of our experts carry out regular checks. Thanks to them, we make sure that the raw ingredients that we use meet our requirements. ARYZTA production methods are formulated so as to protect the environment. To achieve such standards we use the latest technologies and use only those raw components and ingredients that come from environmentally friendly farming.